My name is Lani, and I do artsy stuff to post on the internet. I am a former Soviet Union immigrant living in Canada. It can get chilly here, but I love my little home in Toronto.

Growing up  I was always pencil sketching, painting, or sculpting little bunnies out of polymer clay. Curiously enough, I took a detour in University and  ended up studying  English literature.

My time in University helped me develop an interest in philosophy, psychology, cultural studies, and a general over-thinking of things. But it wasn’t long before the call to create something, to get my hands messy in paint or in clay, became too strong to ignore. Here I am doing just that.

This is a place for me to fuse and muse on some of my passions. Art proved to be one of my greatest teachers, and I share some of these lessons in my blog.

Thank you for visiting,