It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since my first post. I have many excuses, none of which are any good. The truth is, I’ve been feeling a little lost lately. But now it’s time to get back to the plan and figure out how to keep moving. And the only solution for moving forward is to actually be moving… And painting.
This playful expression was too cute to pass up. The funny looking guy belongs to a Youtuber and “Spiritual Guru” named JP Sears. I admire him for his gentle approach to difficult life topics and also for his amazing sense of humour.  Zephyr makes a few appearances in JP’s hilarious videos, and I noticed he looks a lot like my own wolfie, Pika.

We’ve had Pika for a couple of years now, and every once in a while I am overcome with gratitude for having her in my life. She brings me so much joy and happiness, especially lately when I’ve been feeling rather blue. All it takes is a silly tongue hanging out, or an awkward sleeping position and I seem to melt with appreciation. We could learn so much from our furry friends. They too are spiritual gurus here on Earth.

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