Blank Canvas Terrors

When is it a good place to start?

Any writer, any college student knows that familiar horror: the empty page. Full of sweet possibility, equally full of the potential for failure. Not knowing what to write, what to say is scary and uncomfortable. It’s all on you; the sole responsibility of putting it all down in a coherent way.

Here is an empty canvas. Here is an empty new blog. Here is the beginning of something that was in the works, both accidentally and deliberately for years now. Each painting, each project starts in this inevitable place. Stroke by stroke, it takes form. Word by word, the thought takes shape. And then it’s done. You can judge it later, only if it’s to learn, to get better.

I have wanted to get started on this for a while now, not because I think I’m great but because I had the urge to for so long, and that urge needs to have a place to go. It’s as simple as that, you sometimes have to give yourself that chance to experience the possibility, to experience the failure, too.

Can you even go wrong if you are simply acting on your curiosity?

I don’t need to pretend that I have mastered the way. That I have mastered painting, or that I’ve even mastered English grammar.  I just want a place of my own to get excited about, to make home. It’s my little corner of the universe to illuminate.

A real-world “Happy Place”: Jasper, Alberta

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